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Thursday, July 19th 2012

8:56 AM

Preteen cock stories


Related article: Date: Sat, 08 Nov 2003 17:03:00 -0500 From: NYC Dan Subject: Cowboy's Twink Pussy part 2Cowboy's Twink Pussyby CavanaghPART 2The whining had begun in the barn. Dupke knew the kid couldn't help it anymore. He was strapped to the T-shaped bar, bolted to the middle of the barn floor. Dupke finished filling the canvas sack at the pump.It was a week after that evening with Court. He'd been afraid to push the kid too far too quickly. He'd been looking for someone like him for a long time and he wanted this one to stick around.Every day he'd given him chores. Then every night, after dinner, he'd taken him to the barn and pushed him a little farther: belting him, working the mouth, gently stretching and then fucking his asshole. There didn't seem to be anything the kid couldn't take...with a little coaxing or a little sweet-talking. And tonight was the big night.The Mason jar rested on the work table.The boy was bent at the waist, arms in restraints on the T-bar straight out his from his sides. Dupke's innocent preteen virgin belt rested on his back and his head rocked as he whined. Legs spread to regulation, the restraints were loose on his ankles, ready to open his pinkness wider.The kid heard Dupke enter the barn and began moving as far as the T-bar would allow. Not frantic like at first. After a few whacks of the belt, he'd learned to throw a disciplined hip roll, his big-boy leg muscles hard and rhythmic and his asshole gasping, eager and whining.Dupke took off his shirt and lifted the belt off the kid's back.Whack.The kid tossed his head like a colt, preteens sexys legs suddenly braced. Automatically his ass tilted upward preteen cock stories and his back bowed down as he forced his asshole outward with all his will."Good boy."Whack.Again, blond hair flailing, whining, ass trying.Whack.Tears. The ass closed off."Push it out," Dupke said low and calm.He trembled. It was hard."Push it out."Almost, but he pulled back."Push it out."He pushed.Whack.He pushed.Whack.He pushed.Whack. Whack!He whined louder than ever before.Dupke laid the belt across the kid's back and massaged the cheeks, slow and hard. Who knows how many guys are gonna see this? Dupke smiled at the finished tattoo. If I ever get rid of him, he's gonna be one sloppy, wasted fuckhole in a couple of years.He pried open the ass cheeks with his thumbs."Move it," he smiled.The athletic boy ass began contractions as Dupke reached for the gaffer's tape. You'll have to hurt him real bad. Court had said. Otherwise that ass will just vomit it out."Spread," Dupke said to the ass.The kid squirmed his feet outward."Wider."He tried."Shit, boy."Dupke kicked them wider knowing it hurt, but knowing the kid could stretch. He applied the three-inch-wide strip of tape from the base of the kid's balls, up between the cheeks and over the asshole to the base of his spine.The preteen model inna kid didn't know what was coming and grunted a question."Easy."Dupke stroked a polished thigh with one hand, soothing, while he 10yo preteen pics slowly wrapped the remaining eight inches of the tape around the bulk of his right fist. He gentled the down on the kid's stomach, brushing the nipples and getting that deep, relaxed sigh he was looking for. The kid's head was loose. Dupke tightened his fist."Easy."He stood slightly back and paused. The kid pushed back young preteens models gently, mewing, like a puppy. He grunted another question. Pause. The kid gave in to the peace.Dupke, bicep bulging, yanked suddenly upward with all his might.The kid's toes left the ground slightly and then the tape ripped off his hind quarters with an audible tearing sound. The head threw back. The shriek started from the base of his stomach and flew out through the straight throat and trumpet mouth.The shrieking would go on, Dupke knew, as he walked to the table unwrapping the tape from his hand. There wouldn't be any blood, but the burning would never really go away.He threw out the old roll and picked up a new one. He was crazy about this kid. His facial innocence went right to his prick. Sweet, pink-muscled, boy body around two swell fuckholes. He looked back at that thick, twitching ass-back. He picked up the Mason jar Court had given him as he walked back.Dupke put the jar next to the T-bar and grabbed one of the kicking legs. The kid jeans preteens model cried out and fought him, begging, as Dupke fastened first one ankle restraint, then the other to the first set of eyebolts. He stepped back, applied the tape to the ass area and yanked.Again, feet left the floor pulling against the restraints. The other animals moved in their stalls as the kid shrieked. Sweat flung from his face as he whipped his head, crying wordless, begging wails. Again he applied the tape and tore at the ass crack. The T-bar creaked again and again as the kid bucked against it. The boy-pussy was hairless now.Dupke coated three thick fingers slowly and thoroughly with the "pussy maker." Walking to the kid's side as he worked his fingers in the jar, he waited for the kid to tire, till he no longer had the strength to scream out the mouth the pain that was still screaming out the asshole.Dupke deftly grabbed the kid around the waist like he'd grab a calf with one big arm, took his three fingers and rammed. The burning of the ointment was far offset by the screaming pain around the ass lips. The ass swallowed at the coolness of the gel pulling it in deeper and deeper. Dupke packed in more.Give it twenty minutes Court had said. hot preteen lists Dupke lit a cigarette as he ran his hand through the salt-and-pepper hair on his chest. Unbuttoning his pants, he hauled out his dick. Turning a bucket upside down, he sat in preteen wet tshit front of the kid's face, watching the sweat and tears and strain.The head rolled spastically in time with the ass. Then the eyes focused. The ass continued writhing with the pain, making funny liquid farting noises, eating asian anal preteen the gel. But the head moved on its own now. Eyes slowly widening, mouth yearning, reaching for Dupke. Drinking in the thick, bent wrist that held the cigarette, the freckled bicep and the broad chest.His lips swelled up red and thick, as he thought of the time he'd spent with his face buried in the hard muscles of that stomach with its soft covering of teddy-bear hair; the time he'd spent learning how to suck preteen upskirt archives an armpit, just the way Dupke liked it. Their evenings had always begun with a prolonged belting and pre teen nudest then "pretty-mouth work" as Dupke called it. He would light a cigarette and rest his belting arm, give that face a couple of good, hard slaps and then quietly coach the boy as he became nothing more than a suck hole, velveting the heavy neck, armpits and fingers, each as thick as an average cock.Dupke's rod was out in the open, leaking precum, ignored. One big hand began working it slowly. "No..." the kid moaned, afraid Dupke would waste it. "No..." he pleaded to anyone who would hear.Dupke exhaled, the cigarette smoke floating in the barn light. Leaving the cigarette in his mouth and tilting his head he took the kid's jaw in one hand and pulled up. Jesus, what a beauty. Prefuck pulsed out of his cockhead twice."You're a natural," he smiled.The kid's eyes strained down as far as he could look and saw that Dupke had stopped pumping and the hand was approaching his face. He mumbled relief.Dupke loved the touch of the kid's skin. He felt the face slowly with his whole palm, leaving a trail of precum as he stared over the cheek, the forehead and the mouth. He grabbed the lips with his fist and pursed them out like a rose. He smiled and nuzzled the nose with his own.Standing up he held the kid by the hair inches away from the cock as he ground out his cigarette. Then he reached down, wiped some of the prefuck off his cock head and stuck his finger in the kid's mouth, soothing the kid gently. He took the finger away.The blue eyes raced from Dupke's face to his cock, back and forth. What did he want? Please! What did he want? The cock was huge. The slit youngest preteen opened quietly and oozed a strand. Please! The kid thought he was readier than he could ever be."Just wait, baby. It's gonna be real good."He held the head in place, waiting for the stuff to take effect.Suddenly the kid's expression changed.The burning on his asslips was replaced by a deeper, duller burning in his colon.Then his stomach contracted as the whole lower part of his body grabbed. His eyes flew open.Another contraction, like labor pains.His legs bent, then straightened.Dupke held the head and studied the kid's face. The eyes glazed and closed.The kid clenched his fists and wiggled as he tried to pull his legs together from the restraints, legs bending and straightening again. He began to tighten, pushing as if he was constipated.Another contraction, then pushing.Suddenly it started pouring out, a clear liquid with enough force behind it to spray slightly, but thick enough to cling to the kid's thighs and balls as it ran.Douche him real, real good Court had said. I bet it'll be a mighty pretty sight when he starts pouring, but don't wait too long.Dupke dropped the kid's head and stepped around.He hung the canvas sack that he had filled at the pump from the rafters and unknotted the tube. Vise-gripping it in his preteen model skye big hand so the water wouldn't run out, he gradually worked two feet of it up the kid's hole. Then he let go and stepped back.The legs stopped rolling suddenly as they quivered preteen defloration illegal and braced. The moans became ragged and fearful as the cold water sluiced into his body. His fear increased as his stomach distended rapidly.The boy had preteens with panties lost his mind.>From the tits down he was a machine pumping liquid, partly the gel, partly his own juices, diluted by two gallons of water. His head flew back with a loud, rolling moan of pain-pleasure one 10yo preteen pics last time. And then the overload of sensation became too much for his big-boy body. He collapsed as his legs went on automatically bending and stiffening; his ass pushing and pumping. When the canvas sack emptied, Dupke refilled it and pushed preteens with panties the tube back into the hole.He refilled it three more times that half hour. Don't worry about him gettin' thirsty Court had laughed. He'll sweat like a pony, but you douche him real good. An ass is real absorbent.The skin had a nice sheen. Dupke smiled jeans preteens model as he lit up again. The kid looked like preteens sexys he was plugged into the ceiling, wet muscles fucking in rhythm and an ass running like a spigot. The puddle ran around the barn floorboards.The kid briefly came back to consciousness, opened his eyes, stupid with exhaustion.He saw two broad naked feet with a light covering of coarse, black hair. He followed the hair up to the biggest calves he'd ever seen. Then he looked up the thighs, thick with muscle that made him feel powerless, and more hair matted with sweat from the heat of the barn. He continued until he found that mancock, huge, hard, gnarled and ignored."Why? What do I..." his lips began to form again.Dupke casually dropped the jeans he'd just taken off.The kid's eyes moved to his smiling face. "We're not through yet, baby." The boy's eyes then traveled to the tattoo on his bicep and Dupke saw what was coming. Lifting one great arm he flexed the bicep, smiled, slowly turned his head and began licking it. Reaching down with the other hand, he milked some prefuck from his cock, grabbed his gonads hard and squeezed painfully until they slipped through the slime and oozed out of the sides of his fist. He faked a loud moan as he ate himself.And the blond came.Not spastically, like usual. But in time with the rhythm of his preteen cock stories legs, like a water pump. It felt like a wad would start at his asshole and then gush down the length of his prick.Pause. Gush. Pause. Gush.The juicy preteen kid passed out.PART 3He came to, aware he was being refastened to the T-bar.Dupke had taken him down to work leather softener hard into the cramped muscles; fifteen minutes of quiet, squelching sounds in a silent barn. The boy felt lazy, pliant, warm and taken care of.Dupke was squatting behind him though, his face flushed with sex-anger. He stared at the pussy-hole, having spread the underware preteen models legs to the second set of eyebolts; his sweaty, calloused hands rubbing his own thighs hard. It may take more than one go to trigger it Court had said to Dupke before he left."Shit, no," he said out loud. The angry tone of his voice pulled the kid back.Dupke stood up. He gave up his plans to draw it out any longer. Walking around, he stared deep into startled eyes, squeezing his rod with one hand, so hard that the prick head turned blue."Shit, no," he said between his teeth.The other animals began moving in their stalls, smelling fear and rut anger.Grabbing a long, high bench, he slammed it sure young preteens xxx and hard on a level with the waking face.It happened fast. Dupke swung one big leg over the bench and settled his 250 pounds steady. Rocking back and grabbing the edges of the bench with his hands, he threw both legs up and hooked the kid's arms with the backs of his calves. Then he pulled his crotch up to the face with his leg muscles.The kid yelped as the huge calves smashed his arms into the T-bar, then immediately gasped in pain as Dupke's hands grabbed his hair and yanked the head up."Smell, shithead. Welcome home. Huh? Pussy-boy think he can take a man? Huh? Huh?" He yanked up again, holding the kid just away from the crotch hair, thighs, balls and huge cock root."Little blond punk swingin' his ass at a rodeo, cocky as hell, pushin' those tits out thinkin' 'C'mon farmer, fuck pre teen nudest me.' Desperate with it, huh boy? Afraid of that one night when young preteens models you'll have to go to bed without a dick plowing your fuck holes?"Suddenly he was soft and gentle, as he directed the lips to the soaking base of his cock. "Let me hear you beg for it, baby. Huh?"God it was hard. The boy sucked and washed in gratitude, slow tears from the hair pain. Could he ever give this man all he needed? And he cried more from his fear of failure.Dupke looked over the kid's body. He waited as the kid washed."Earn it, boy."He kept staring at the legs. Waiting. It wasn't going to work, he thought and he pulled the head back suddenly in fury and frustration. Staring down at the face contorted in pain, a glint suddenly caught the corner of his eye. He looked back over the body.There it was. A drop running thick down the kid's leg. Jesus Christ. He stared. Another. He dropped the kid's head with a thud onto the bench, rocked back as he swung his legs down and stepped behind the ass. A clear liquid was oozing out of the boy-pussy. The ass lips were wide open. Dupke waited.Suddenly they closed like they were swallowing, and when they opened again, an enormous supply of liquid was pushed out and rolled down the kid's ball.sack. He waited. It happened again. He caught a strand of it as it dripped thick from the kid's balls and rolled it between his fingers.Pussy maker Court had called the stuff in the Mason jar. There's nothing harder on a bull's pecker than tight, dry cow pussy. I started pumpin' this stuff up' em. Everyone's been asking about it. Try it on him. Hell, if it works, he won't be able to get enough.Squatting in happy wonder, he pushed the wet ass cheeks farther apart.His broad hands gripping wide, he bent his thumbs and gently opened and closed the edges of the ass lips. Then he brought his smiling mouth within an inch of it, like a new friend."Talk to me, baby," he rumbled, too softly for the kid to hear at the other end, but the vibration was enough.The bunghole spewed a thick load twice in rapid succession. "Hey, pussy." He brushed his lips up and down the valley of the kid's ass. "How about a nice kiss from Daddy, huh, pre teen nudest punkhole?" He licked twice. The hole opened and juice poured onto his tongue.A sudden ragged moan came from deep in his bowels. Then for the first time that evening, he lost control.Jamming the lower part of his face onto the spread ass, he moaned loud as his thumbs tried to pull the lips inside out. He closed his mouth, pressed in hard and then opened it, using the stubble on his chin to gain purchase on the ass and force it open wider. He forced his tongue pre teen nudest deep, curling the tip up and down hard. The tube grabbed it with a soft, squishing sound. Moans bubbled around the man-boy connection as he began to chew, triggering the kid once again.The hips began to roll.Dupke's back muscles bunched as he drew his head back, sucking the lips of the boy ass with him. When the suction broke with a loud sound, he bared his teeth and chewed on the tattoo. He began to whimper. Pulling the ass wider, he chewed the wet, pink membrane as deep as he could get. He was snorting now, his asian preteen lesbian stubble soaked pre teen nudest with the pussy ooze. His balls rose to the base of his cock.He stood suddenly. His prefuck now ran in continual strands onto the straw. Dupke was an animal in heat. He grabbed the hips in a white-knuckled grip. The boy's head rose, dumb with understanding. And he braced his legs.Dupke roared. Snapping his hips forward, he battered the cock like a metal pipe violently through the ass lips. He yelled in surprise as he felt the tube slide around the cock like a living animal. The force of the ramming was enough to make the liquid from the boy splatter in every direction. He was home immediately.Dupke withdrew the enormous length of his cock with such force that the kid's arms pulled against the T-bar.Ram and he was shoved toward it.Ram."Pussy maker."He slammed the ass cheek with his open palm and bucked again.Slap. Ram.The violent fucking flung the ooze from his nuts in long, dripping strands. The floorboards around the base of the T-bar cracked as Dupke shoved one more time and poured himself into the youth. He threw his head back and bared his teeth.Slap. Ram.Cum, sweat and pussy-ooze ran down the hair covering the rancher's huge, straining leg muscles and licked down the insides of his feet.Slap. Ram.Through glazed, sweaty eyes, Dupke saw his horse glaring at them through its stable's chain-link fencing. It's foot long cock was fully extended. Dupke smiled.Slap. Ram.--------------------Send Dan feedback: nycdanatt.net
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12:00 AM

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